Ketan K. Mane

Senior Research Scientist
Renaissance Computing Institute

University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill

Health Informatics and Bioscience

Contact Information:
100 Europa Dr., Suite 540
Chapel Hill, NC 27517

Tel: +1 919 445 9703
Fax: +1 919 445 9669
kmane (at)

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A Comparative Effectiveness Approach to Decision Support in Psychiatry
Papers: JBI'11, CTS'11, IHI'12 Poster: AMIA'11, AMIA'09

Computational Diagnostics

Visualization Approach to View Medical Data


Personalized approach to seek latest news on cancer

Public Health 2.0

Use of web 2.0 tools to parse and build interactive data views

E-SOS Synthesis and Awareness Tool

Optimize and adapt open source tool for emergency response


Focused information collaborative workspace for research groups activities

Medical Information seek: UI Study

Explore impact of visualization to view and understand the data

Map Landscape of Science

Mapping knowledge domains

Map of Melanona

Structure of Melanoma Research


Visual interface to sequence retrieval system

Public Health Informatics: Map based approach

Web-based mapping capabilty for health surveillance


Theme detection approach in emergency situation

Knowledge Domain Viz.

Explore research trends in a domain

InfoViz Contest

Visualization and Pair Wise Comparison of Trees